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About Us

Babies are wonderful things in our life. When they are born, we as parents want to give them the best. Parents feel satisfied when they see their babies smile and happy.

Babooee is a family-owned business and was founded in 2017. It is focused on baby products and inspired by our two beautiful kids. Our cute and unique name was chosen by our 1.5 year old daughter who was asked what would be a good name for the company. After continuously coming up with, “Babooee” we decided to stick with this brand name that we knew no one else could possibly have!

The company was born out of a desire to give our children, and yours, the very best possible baby products. Since we have complete confidence in our product range, we like to encourage other parents to give their babies the best and safest products. Also babies enjoy the products with you happily.

At Babooee, we fully understand that as a parent your hands are full caring for your little one and that you don’t have the time to continuously search for the best baby products that are of a good quality, comfortable, safe for your baby and stylish at the same time. With our carefully-selected collection of baby’s products, you can finally shop for all your baby’s essentials, all under one convenient “online roof”! This means that when shopping with us you can have time for the things that really matter in life: like spending more quality time with your child!